MARDOLL about NICKI MINAJ, the new album and future plans (HUN SUB)

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Songwriter, singer and dynamic daredevil Mardoll is on a journey to create extraordinary moments through revolutionary music.

Her songs simmer with fiery melodies and infectious beats that are reinforced by her provocative voice as she unleashes poetic lyrics that illuminate both the darkness and light of life’s soul-shaping moments. Mardoll’s captivating, high-energy live performances incorporate dramatic movement that spotlights her talents as a dancer and breathes fresh life into the tales she tells. Her songs mix up bold elements of pop, hip-hop and rap with striking visual elements rooted deep in cutting-edge fashion. Mardoll inhabits a cast of vibrant and vulnerable characters that range from raunchy and raw to introspective and vulnerable, channeling the wide-ranging emotion of the human experience as she reveals their naked truths.

The spirit of Mardoll first emerged in Hungary but was shaped by the artist’s upbringing within a large international community. Born in Austria to a Brasilian-Hungarian mother and American father, she has journeyed throughout the world, all the while soaking in a wide range of cultural flavors and falling in love with people and places outside the mainstream. Mardoll’s unconventional, travel-filled upbringing has imbued her with a sense of adventure that has deeply influenced her personal and musical development. She has made it her mission to shine her own light and fight for the rights of others who are brave enough to live outside the mainstream.

Mardoll continues her evolution within the vibrant, gritty world of New York City as she connects to others through her music. In 2017, she released her single “Fire and Fuel” with an accompanying video, followed by the five-song EP, Wild Child and three singles – “You’re Supposed to Be Different,” “Fame” and “Wake Up” – in 2018. Always exposing herself to challenging experiences, she continues to imagine brutally honest songs that illuminate real-life stories about pain, joy, love, loss, longing, strength and self-discovery. Her complex work also explores how the act of processing life’s journey is an event within itself. She is currently writing material for a brand-new album and planning a series of live shows. New single “God” out Now.